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MORE Personal

At ARCOTEL, people come first. Satisfying your wishes and needs is a labour of love for us. So when you talk to us, it’s with a person and not a machine. As a guest or an employee, in front of the reception desk or behind it: together we are MORE. Mutual appreciation and understanding with a smile – that’s the secure foundation for what sets us apart. We have stood for hospitality with a passion for over 30 years! Since we are accompanying you a short way on your journey, we want to leave a good impression. After all, you also leave a lasting impression on us. And every time you check out, we feel a bit sad. Don’t you?

Did you know that ...

...smiling reduces stress and strengthens the immune system?

...every single member at the ARCOTEL team is a passionate host?

...the handshake dates back to antiquity as a sign that neither person was carrying a weapon?

...we at ARCOTEL are especially focused on providing personal service?

...communication theorist Paul Watzlawick said you cannot not communicate?

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We’ve set ourselves the goal of giving you what you need, when you need it. By simplifying the bureaucratic procedures, we make sure you feel at home right from the start. Often a simple thing like a cup of warm tea or a glass of cool water helps after a strenuous journey. We also have a little surprise for the tired kids and an extra scratch behind the ear for your four-legged friend. Because dogs are welcome at ARCOTEL too!