MORE Visionary

MORE Visionary

Travelling changes the way we look at the world. We take our responsibility and obligation to society, the environment and our planet very seriously. So seriously that we are happily committed to sustainable tourism. We do everything we can to make the world a more liveable place.


Did you know that...

...there are around 30,000 different species of wild bees in the world?

...the ARCOTEL initiative Give Bees a Chance has supported bee conservation projects, big and small, since 2015?

...about half of all clothing worldwide is made from cotton?

...the bedding at ARCOTEL is made from fair trade organic cotton?

...beeswax food wraps are a great alternative to aluminium and cling film?

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Give Bees a Chance

Since 2015, ARCOTEL has been supporting projects small and large to preserve the bee populations with the help of our Give Bees a Chance initiative. We are in close contact with our partners and are particularly proud that a small idea has grown into such an effective and sustainable initiative.

A big thanks also goes to all our guests who have actively helped us in this regard.

Give Bees a Chance
We’re crazy about fair trade

As part of our efforts to make the world a better place, we have switched our hotel linen to fair trade. This is good for everyone involved: the cotton farmers, the seamstresses and washers, and of course you as a guest.

Because fair trade bedding makes for a good night’s sleep with a clear conscience.

Long live sport!

As an Austrian company, we are a proud sponsor of the Austrian national handball and ice hockey teams and cheer the players on at every game. But our commitment extends beyond the professional arena. We also support and encourage the youth teams.

This strengthens the team spirit and, above all, is a lot of fun!