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Few places tell more exciting stories than a hotel. Guests from all over the world turn the ARCOTEL hotels into living libraries, stages for exciting, exhilarating, entertaining, fun and unique stories. Especially the places of communication bring a hotel to life. Community tables in our restaurants, meeting places in the lobbies, legendary events, and of course you yourself put MORE “us” into a stay at ARCOTEL! What story have you got to tell?

Did you know that ...

...Sir Lancelot, one of the knights from the Arthurian legend, is traditionally associated with the Jack of Clubs playing card?

...the bars at the ARCOTEL hotels offer guests a selection of board games for a fun evening?

...our genes determine how much sleep we need?

...Bingo has its roots in Italy and is attested as early as 1530?

...we have a “take a book, leave a book” library in our hotels?


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Spin till you win!

Football (the soccer kind) brings people together. At the tabletop version in the ARCOTEL Hotels, anyone can become a striker. Table football offer great fun and good times during meeting breaks, on rainy days or just in between. We’re sure you’ll always find someone willing to spin the bars with you. Our staff will be happy to take up the challenge.

More than bread and circuses

If you’re the kind of person who loves to combine good food with great entertainment, then ARCOTEL Hotels is the place for you. Our restaurants and bars organise exciting events around the topic of food and drink. From jazz brunches and wine battles to whodunit dinner theatre and gin tasting, check out our event calendar for all happenings at a glance. We look forward to your visit!