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Wrinkled shirt? Forget your charging cable? Pouring down rain? Together we can master every situation – and we’ll never leave you standing out in the rain. We’re there for you, are a good listener and always have a solution even for the trickiest of challenges. Promise! From the ironing service to that just-in-case package. We offer you MORE service so you can enjoy MORE relaxation.

Did you know that ...

...extreme ironing is a competitive sport with seven different disciplines? the ARCOTEL hotels you can borrow a charging cable for almost any type of mobile phone?

...the cell phone charger is the third most forgotten item when packing? can reserve many additional services at the ARCOTEL hotels even before you arrive?

...the umbrella was invented in China about 4,000 years ago and was originally used as a parasol?

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  Online Newspaper
During your stay we offer you our Media Box with newspapers and magazines from 58 countries in 38 languages free of charge. After successfully logging into the hotel network, you can browse through the Media Box.


MORE Service