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ARCOTEL is all about centrally located hotels in vibrant cities. All the most important sights are within easy reach, and you experience every city as it is off the usual beaten path: authentic and genuine. We love our destinations and want to show you the charm of the place. Our employees are local experts and will gladly assist you in exploring the surroundings. We don’t fall back on the conventional travel guides but recommend our personal favourite places. When in Vienna, of course you should have seen the Hofburg – but isn’t that small restaurant in the middle of a non-touristy neighbourhood even more memorable because you ate the schnitzel of your life there?

Did you know that ...



...around 50,000 people dance the night away every weekend in Berlin?


...ARCOTEL operates hotels in 3 Austrian and 4 German cities?


...Vienna was voted the world's most liveable city for the 10th time in a row in 2019?


...ARCOTEL looks for a central location and the best public transport connections when choosing the location for a new hotel?


...Stuttgart has the second largest mineral water reserves in Europe?