COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

ARCOTEL hotels remain open for business travelers and people in training until further notice. A 2G proof has to be provided. Due to legal requirements we only offer breakfast in the hotel. The restaurant and bar will remain temporarily closed. Please note the entry regulations to Austria. For current information, please visit the official portal of the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs.

The ARCOTEL hotels will remain open until further notice. A 2G proof has to be provided.
Please note the entry regulations to Germany. Up-to-date information can be found on the following official information pages.





A safe experience at ARCOTEL Hotels

Your safety is our priority number one! At ARCOTEL Hotels we rigorously follow all applicable government directives as they emerge. Thanks to our partner Diversey, we have a cleaning and hygiene concept for all hotel areas that guarantees the safety and well-being of our guests at all ARCOTEL hotels.

Our measures:

COVID-19 Information

Face coverings are worn in all public areas.

Care is taken to avoid physical contact at all times. We welcome our guests wearing masks that cover our mouth and nose, so we smile with our eyes.

Hand disinfection stations are provided in all areas and rooms of our hotels.
We take compliance with the minimum safe distance very seriously.
Contactless payment is possible at
all ARCOTEL hotels.

Wherever disposable products are necessary, ARCOTEL searches for sustainable solutions.

Our employees receive regular training in hygiene and cleaning protocols.
All cleaning and disinfection activities are recorded daily.
We believe that washing hands regularly is a matter of course.
Employees’ temperatures are taken every day at the start of their shift.

All rooms throughout the entire hotel are ventilated with fresh air on a regular basis.
Critical areas throughout the hotels are disinfected multiple times a day.
All floors and surfaces in the public areas are cleaned several times daily.
The CO2 levels in the rooms are regularly measured with an air quality monitor.

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