A warm place to sleep

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A warm place to sleep

This Christmas, when joy, peace and expectation abound and the sweet smell of freshly baked gingerbread and cinnamon-tinged mulled wine fills the chilly festive air, there’s no better place than the cosy warmth of home and hearth. Unfortunately, not everyone in Austria and Germany has this good fortune. But there are plenty of helping hands and wonderful organisations out there who, with a sense of deep commitment and personal investment, believe that every day is a good day to reach out to people in need.
We want to support these invaluable institutions. And because every euro counts, ARCOTEL Hotels will donate one euro for every non-refundable hotel stay in December 2022 to two selected charitable organisations in Austria and Germany.

A warm place to sleep

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VinziRast emergency shelter

The VinziRast emergency shelter, run by the St. Stephan’s Vincentian Community Association, offers shelter for up to 60 unhoused persons. The residents are given a bed, a warm meal, clothing if needed, and breakfast. The shelter is staffed exclusively by volunteers, and donations are essential for its future operation.

“We are extremely grateful to ARCOTEL for their decision to support VinziRast. With their support, ARCOTEL helps acknowledge the reality of life for people living on the margins of society,” says Renate Hornstein of VinziRast. “For many people, leading a life with dignity and a secure foundation is anything but a matter of course. We are especially pleased that ARCOTEL is so committed to this important issue by demonstrating its solidarity and drawing attention to our work.”

ARCOTEL Hotels CEO Martin Lachout (far left) and the VinziRast emergency shelter team in Vienna.

Bahnhofsmission Berlin Hauptbahnhof aid mission

“We are completely overwhelmed by ARCOTEL’s decision to support our work,” says director Anke Voigt (4th from left), one of the mission’s two full-time employees.

“Our aid mission is not as well-known as the others in Berlin, but demand for our services is growing all the time. More and more people are coming to us, and no matter if you are ill, down on your luck, have had a misfortune while travelling, are facing a personal crisis or see yourself in a hopeless situation in your life, we are there for everyone who needs our help.”

I regularly pass by the main station myself and had no idea what the mission does here. I’m really pleased that ARCOTEL is contributing to the continuation of their work

Gisbert Kern, ARCOTEL Hotels Area Manager for Berlin, (4th from right) and the team from the Bahnhofsmission Berlin Hauptbahnhof aid mission.